{ { Securasi helps Fortune 500 enterprises secure high value digital assets with high convenience.
Security High
Convenience Remote Control
For your business critical data such as high value business documents, IP, designs, programming code, customer data, files etc
USP Securasi has developed a new and better encryption key management algorithms that makes it possible to secure high value digital assets without needing to store the keys anywhere – not even in memory. This revolutionary new approach implemented in robust C++ based products coupled with a strong emphasis on high convenience of use makes our products very unique and compelling. Our technology and products can save $100’s of millions for large companies. Products
White labeled Vault + (a digital safe for secure storage and collaboration) SDK for developers, tech companies. S-Cloud is world’s ONLY end to end encrypted cloud for highly sensitive documents accessible by selected personnel. Rx Vault – a HIPAA compliant digital safe system – plug and play. Bank Vault – for banks .
Verticals Securasi has compelling products for many industry verticals
Secure , easy to use , cost effective HIPAA compliance. BANKING /BFSI
Secure and convenient to use modes of exchange of documents between banks and its customers. PUBLISHERS
Can plug revenue leaks on high value research reports etc by replacing password protected PDFs with Securasi’s secure files that provide excellent DRM with customer usage analytics. LAW TECH/LAWYERS/LEGAL INDUSTRY
Secure communications and document exchange. HIGH TECH FIRMS, STARTUPS
Protect highly sensitive information like programming code, designs etc with Securasi encryption products. GOVT
Customized products.
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Securasi was founded by Chandra Haas A graduate (B Tech) of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and London Business School (MBA).
Contact Please email: info at securasi dot com


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