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Secure and keep private your
confidential and important files

with just click of a button

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World's most easy to use and highest level of security and privacy for your
private /confidential files Just drag/drop files into the Vault+ and viola
they are encrypted! with one time setting , you can sync the encrypted files to
Dropbox, google drive etc automatically!

World's best security and privacy
for your digital files

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Just drag/drop to encrypt/decrypt

Encrypting your important files need not be so difficult

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Security and privacy of your important files in YOUR control

One click Encryption/decryption

Very easy to use

Nothing new to learn. Just drag/drop the files/folders you want to protect into the vault window. To decrypt, just select and press 'take out' button.

100% privacy with total control in YOUR hands

Even the file names are encrypted along with files that are dropped into the vault window. Outside this application, the files look digital garbage.

World's best encryption key management

This means world's best security and privacy for your files

Works out of the box with Dropbox, Google drive, sky drive and any cloud service

You can still use your favorite cloud services like Dropbox with the added benefit of prior encryption for your confidential files.

Securely Store

Store your important files in encrypted form

on your computer, USB drive, email or tablet or smartphone

On Dropbox , Google Drive etc

With just one click

store your important files in encrypted form on cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky drive etc

About Us

We are a team of world class technology and management professionals committed to provide the best and easy to use security and privacy tools that YOU control 100%. Privacy and security are front and center focus in our technology and products.

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